Animal sleep masks

An animal-friendly sleeping mask brand from Estonia that uses
the ancient power of wild animals, because unlike
humans, animals have never had any trouble sleeping!

MATERIAL: Ööloom sleeping masks are hand made in the north by a small army of lovely ladies. That means each mask is as precious and unique as a snowflake on the elbow of a baffled owl. The face of the sleeping mask is made from the finest Estonian felt donated to us kindly by proud Latvian sheep. A thick layer of felt keeps the mask strong and warm – like a lumberjack's cuddle.

The inner lining is made from a soft flannel. Upcycling the flannel gives us an ever-changing variation of different designs, patterns and colours. Much like with the box of chocolates from Forrest Gump, you never know what you're going to get. The added surprise, for which we don't charge extra, adds to the magic of the product.

CARE/WASHING: Wash your face before you go to bed. Your ööloom face blanket will appreciate it. If you must, then hand wash. Or better yet, give it to your mum, she’ll know what to do.

Some sleepiness, darkness, an undescribable sense of security.

Ööloom face blankets are quite unisex – worn with pride by both men and women. Its one-size-fits-most design covers the range of most common human head sizes.

Masks will arrive in their cute humorous box packaging ready to be handed out as a gift.

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